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Venture Out Expeditions Venture Out Expeditions Dogsledding Venture Out Expeditions Dogsledding  

The Adventure Begins!   These trips seem to be just the perfect length to learn to love a new side of winter. In pairs, you'll learn to drive your team of 6-8 Alaskan Huskies for a 4-hour tour of the majestic Almaguin Highlands. A feast for the senses, you'll find yourself enjoying the smell of the crisp winter air and the glory of the wilderness, blanketed in white, accompanied by the singing of the runners on the snow and the gentle, rhythmic panting of the dogs. We'll stop for snacks and a hot drink (included, of course), with plenty of opportunity for rest stops and scenic photos. Join us, for $100(CAD)/person, or check out our full-day trips!  
  Navigating the trail by dogsled Nanook:"I'd rather be dogsledding" E-MAIL US




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